Where are you based?

cyco.cyco is based in Hong Kong. Our products are designed and fabricated in Hong Kong!

Can I customise an order?

Unfortunately no you can't but we hope to add the choice to get a custom order soon... so stay tuned!

Do you ship oversea?

We are currently figuring out which method is best for us to ship oversea, but if you wish to purchase from us and you are not based in Hong Kong don't hesitate to shoot us an email! I am sure we can find a way!

How long does it take for my orders to arrive?

All orders are shipped within 1-2 working days and should take around 3-7 days to arrived after they have been dispatched. (Depends on your delivery location)
For MADE TO ORDER orders Production period will be approximately be 1-2 weeks, please contact us before ordering a custom product online.